If you are looking for a website to spend your time and evade all your responsibilities for a few minutes … or hours, we’ll give you a hand.

The web is undoubtedly a place full of useful information, where we can learn new things, learn about what’s happening in the world, meet people from all sides, study, work, buy, entertain, make money, etc. But, at the same time, the Internet is the biggest black hole of distractions that has ever existed.

Sometimes we just need to find a silly place in which to distract us for a few minutes so that suddenly we have lost hours of the day doing nothing.

Today I will share with you some of the most useless but fun websites that I know, they serve as a good distraction if you are very overwhelmed at work and need a break, or if you are bored and tired of the nonsense posted by your “friends” on Facebook.

In any case, it is an iron test that I leave to you to measure your willpower and manage to spend less than five minutes watching each one, instead of losing all the time and not working on anything today.

1. Windows 93:

Websites To Go On When Bored

This is the funniest version of the operating system of windows ever created. Windows 93 is an interactive web that simulates a rather funny implementation of Windows and runs completely in the browser. It is a parody and a mockery of the most popular desktop OS in the world, and a marvel of web development.


What the hell has NASA done to make your life amazing? WTF NASA is a great website where they gather information about different NASA research that has improved the lives of all humanity.

Everything is exposed in the simplest way possible, and you just have to read a couple of lines, but linked to the original source of the investigation you can investigate more if you are interested.

3. 100,000 Stars:

Websites To Go On When Bored

It is an experiment for Chrome in which you can browse an interactive map of the one hundred thousand stars closest to the earth. If you like astronomy or do a lot of scrolling with the mouse, you’re sure to have a good time on this site.

4. Every Noise at Once:

Every noise at once is a huge cloud of tags if we want to call it in some way, which brings together all the musical genres that you can imagine. Clicking on anyone lets you listen to the music of that type instantly, and you can also continue browsing and move to a cloud with artists related to the genre.

5. My Noise:

My Noise

myNoise.net is an online sound machine that is completely customizable and oriented to the needs of hearing professionals, therapists, and machine enthusiasts of this type.

Although it can be confused with a simple sound generator that many use to put background noise when they work on something, My Noise goes further and allows you to calibrate all kinds of parameters. It is a beautiful experiment.

6. ReplyGif:

Have you ever been provoked to respond to someone on the Internet with a GIF instead of words? Well in Reply Gif you have a whole library of reactions in animated GIFs for every occasion.
GIFs are organized by tags, and there are so many that there is hardly a human emotion that they do not cover.

7. Strobe:

Websites To Go On When Bored

Do you want to hallucinate a little without taking drugs? In Stobe, you can do it.

It is a site of those that cause an optical illusion if you look at the screen for enough time, if you do not finish eating and want to have fun for a while fooled by your eyes, a very fun trip awaits you.

8. The Zoomquilt:

Zoomquilt is a very interesting project to create an image with infinite zoom.
These are several illustrations that connect to each other and through which you can navigate back and forth in a zoom that never stops.

It’s an incredibly hypnotizing thing, and it’s probably going to take a few minutes of your life.

9. Keybr:

Websites To Go On When Bored

This is probably the most useful site of all that I mention, but that does not mean that it does not take much of your time if you take the pleasure.

Keybr is a website that teaches you how to write fast on your keyboard, it has all kinds of exercises for you to become an experienced typist, and for you to develop enough mechanical memory to avoid having to look at the keys when writing again.

10. Popurls:

Popurls is a content aggregator that collects the most popular links on the Internet every day, 24 hours a day. If something goes viral, or an article in a animes, Digg, or Reddit is receiving a lot of traffic and attention, in Popurls it appears.

It’s a pretty comfortable way to keep up with everything that’s going on, but it can become a black hole from which you never get out, so much (mostly unnecessary) information is addictive, and you’re always going to want more.