GoPro offers the best and most versatile action cameras that live up to its name. They are a blessing for adventurers who like to record every moment of their lives. These cameras are designed to withstand harsh handling while capturing videos in the best possible form.

You don’t have to be a professional to use this camera. They are small in size, making it easy to store and operate.

Attach it with your vehicle, hand, or helmet and get sharp video results without any blurs. GoPro also has many models, each with its distinctive qualities.

While just getting a camera is more than enough to record your memories, you will encounter several problems. You can solve those problems and enhance the experience through a few simple hacks.

1. Prepare for GoPro Corrupt Files

6 Necessary GoPro Video Hacks You Should Know

A lot of people experience this problem and want a solution to repair a GoPro corrupt file. The camera doesn’t always cause it. Sometimes, a low-quality memory card can cause this problem. The most common reason behind the corruption of a video file is an error during file transmission. Some chunks of data may be missed when you are moving or copying it from one device to another.

Video memory cards often make GoPro files corrupt when they are expired. The same is the case with low-quality memory cards. An evil video has all the data there, but it won’t play. Lucky for us, it’s recoverable with the help of Wondershare Recoverit tool. Here you can see in easy steps how to uncorrupt a video file.

2. Use GoPro with a Drone

GoPro cameras are small in size that can be adjusted at almost every type of surface. You can take them in the water, then why not in the air. If you have a drone or a toy plane, try attaching the camera on it for some breathtaking shots.

You can rest assured that the camera can take a few jerks and give you the results you were expecting; however, it all depends on how you attach it with the drone. There are now individual gears available for this job, but you can also have a custom made mount for it.

Some parts of the camera, like the memory card, may suffer damage if they are not correctly installed. Make sure you know how to uncorrupt an sd card to avoid loss of files.

3. Get More than One Mounts

Different occasions call for different angles and shots. You might want a blast while riding a bicycle in the woods, jumping from a cliff, or driving a bike to record something interested on the way. You can’t do it with a camera in one hand. That’s why it is attached with a wrist, bike, or helmet.

You will also need to take some still shots where you will need a stand. Be sure to understand your needs to get the mounts that best fit your requirements. If possible for you, get them all, so every video is recorded in the best possible way.

The camera might fall off if you don’t have the right amount. If anything like this happens, you should know GoPro corrupt file fix to keep your data safe.

4. Try-Time Lapse Mode

Time-lapse photography is trendy these days and for a good reason. It makes time appears to be moving a lot faster in the video, making even minor changes noticeable. This creates a stunning effect.

You will need to leave the camera in a perfect position for many hours and then increase its speed for the time-lapse effect. Usually, you would require a video editing tool to increase the play speed of that video.

You only need to learn how film frames work and set the frequency accordingly; it’s not as technical as it sounds. This is particularly easy when you are using a GoPro video camera. Its Hero4 has a built-in feature for this job.

Go to Settings and switch to Time-Lapse Vid from Video mode. This adds a very artistic touch to your videos and photograph album. Even if you end up destroying your video, you can always repair GoPro video.

5. Buy a Wireless Charger

A wireless charger makes many things easier for you. It’s easy to carry, and you are not bound to a wall if you want to use the camera while charging. Besides, it gets more time-consuming and confusing if you have to pack your camera in a particular body.

It’s the biggest headache for those who record while surfing. They may have to put the camera in a waterproof case when in the water, and then put it out to charge its battery. A wireless charger will save you from all this trouble.

6. Get a Few Batteries

SD card corrupting files isn’t the problem you will face. Nothing kills the mood more than a dead battery. You can’t wait hours for the battery to charge before you can do any recordings. An easy and efficient solution to this problem is buying more than one batteries.

You would know your use and life of the battery. Having a few charged batteries at your disposal would ensure the recording keeps going. You can load all the batteries when you get free time. You can also get a desktop charger, so you don’t have to engage the camera when charging batteries.