94% of first impressions on your website relate to your website’s design, and 89% of customers will shift to your opponent without a second thought if they feel bland user experience.

Today, with approx. 1.7 billion websites are hovering across the World Wide Web, and no user wishes to settle down for half-baked efforts from a developer.

This rightly explains the importance of creating a great user experience on your WordPress website and employing a custom web development approach.

But, does a custom WordPress website promise you a recognized presence in the highly competitive web world? A website’s success depends upon a long list of factors, and it isn’t a comfortable bite at the cake. Instead, planning a peerless and productive website is synonymous with planning and executing a business idea.

So here are the steps to plan your website with custom WordPress development:

1) Invest Prudently – Choose The Right Custom WordPress Development Company

It is a well-distributed piece of information, and every business knows the critical factors they need to examine before they conclude upon a web development partner. Some of these are namely – WordPress development expertise, experience, resource strength, credibility, quality of services, and the pricing.

And the critical gauging parameters for these factors would be client reviews, case studies, portfolios, and individual research.

You may have set your sails in the right direction, but have you chosen the right ship?
Some businesses invest way too much in their website projects. Do you know the average salary for WordPress developers in the USA is $71,758? While the monthly average wage of a WordPress developer with a competitive skill-set in India is $11,200.

You can get your site to develop by a WordPress development company in India quickly between the ranges of $5,000 to $15,000. While the same website would cost you a fortune in tier 1 countries. Choose the right ship!

2. Gauge Expertise – User Experience is the Key

For every $1 you spend on your user-experience, you get a return of $100 from your website.
The web world is evolving, and new trends are all set to draw audience attention. WordPress has geared up for trends like single page websites, custom multipurpose themes, VR and AR integrations, and AI for smart content and live chatbot implementation.

Along with boarding the trends train, you need to keep a room for some coding best practices, these include-

  • Clean coding with universally accepted naming conventions
  • Minimum use of plugins and 3rd party integrations
  • Interactive yet simpler interfaces
  • Use of superior web development frameworks

The importance of these basics is evident because 88% of users are less likely to revisit a site after dull user experience. Make sure you hire the right WordPress developer for your projects!

3. Build to Amaze: Fine-tune for Best Performance

Slow-loading websites cost businesses a loss of $2.6 billion every year.
Every internet user knows the importance of website speed, but do you know it is the developers who can decide a website’s performance in the first place. Some of the most popular ways to fine-tune a website’s performance include-

  • Avoiding unethical customization and hard-coded gaps
  • Employing preload for initial assets and prefetch for other attributes
  • Utilizing lazy loading
  • Image optimization and minimal 3rd party integration

83% of the users expect a maximum of 3 seconds of loading time for a website. This gives you another reason to choose the right custom WordPress development company for your business.

4) Plan for Future – Don’t Compromise on Security and Scalability

As of 2019, 64% of businesses have experienced web-based attacks on their websites in the past. With the proliferating digitalization over the past decade, cybersecurity is more important than ever. We must all observe some of the biggest cybersecurity hacks in the past.

Like – Yahoo data breach that leaked 3 billion user accounts data, a LinkedIn data breach that reported a data leak for 165 million users, and an alarming data breach at Heartland Payment Systems where credit card information for 134 million users was leaked.

Making your WordPress website secure is not an option but a liability and some processes good web developers follow include:

  • Secure authorization and authentication
  • Encrypted data storage
  • Advanced spam protection
  • Form validation and configuration settings
  • Minimized use of 3rd party apps

You have a safe and secure website that meets your present business requirements, but is it future-ready? If you have planned for your business to scale, you need to plan the scalability of your website as well. Discuss your scalability goals well in advance with your custom WordPress development partner.

Accept a seamlessly upgradable webpage that can be customized and scaled over time without disrupting the initial functionality. Clean coding is bound to play a defined role here!

5. Reconsider Your Goals: Optimise your Website for Mobile Devices and the Search

As of 2020, mobile devices account for 51.92 percent of the global website traffic. With this, 85% of users believe when a website is browsed through a mobile site, it should offer a similar to a better user experience than the desktop version.

Smart devices are gearing up to snatch the power from humans one day. But for now, we need them, and our websites need to be compatible with all these devices. The custom WordPress developer you hire needs to bring all the responsive best practices into account to offer you a perfectly tailored web solution.

Another essential ingredient to add to your recipe for a productive WordPress website is SEO. What’s the point of making a strikingly attractive website when it doesn’t rank?

An essential part of search engine optimization starts early during the web development phase. An experienced custom WordPress development company can help you with some necessary SEO integrations like – image optimization, adding header tags, adding alt attributes, and meta tags, etc. These efforts would surely add to the final implementations made by your digital marketing team.

6. Counting the Steps Travelled

As we draw the quintessence from the above points, we know how all the factors like UI/UX, performance, device-compatibility, and security fall in place to make a perfect custom website solution. While what helps us set our sails in the right direction is the WordPress development company we choose.

Some of the most recommended options would be outsourcing to the right WordPress development company in India or hiring dedicated WordPress experts who uphold the accountability to offer you a functional website solution.