Top helpful gadgets to survive in college this year

Are you going to university soon? This can be exciting and fun at first, but then you understand that studies take all of your time with no chance to join a party or have a trip.

When it happens, you start looking for ways out. Some people prefer to get rid of their home assignments and order essay from a writing service they find in top essay services reviews.

And some people enjoy the benefits of electronic gadgets which let you manage your classes, homework, exams and still get social. In this article, you will find out what devices can help you survive your first college year as a freshman and make it more enjoyable and fun.

Top gadgets to help you stay in college

Due to technological development, now we can do many things more comfortable and faster than before. The number of latest tech advancements facilitates our daily tasks, and it has already conquered many fields, including the education industry.

With the help of gadgets, now you can study and progress faster, perceive information better, and enjoy your college years to the fullest. We narrowed under our list to the most widely-used gadgets that simplify students` life:

a) Smart display

This is your assistant to work from home (don`t mix up with a tablet). Giving voice commands, you can create video chats, brainstorm ideas, work on projects, and analyze texts and images.

It displays a part of your daily routine, and within some time, you cannot imagine your life without its help. Sometimes a display comes with a built-in speaker, which makes it convenient to use in private;

b) Bluetooth coffee maker

If you are a coffee-addicted person and can`t start a day without a cup of latte or Americano, there is a unique gadget to make your day more productive and energetic.

Investing in a good coffee maker, you not only save money on coffee shops, but it also comes in handy when you plan the entire day to spend over college assignments. With a Bluetooth-powered machine you can brew your coffee with a tap on a smartphone;

c) Noise-canceling headphones

College is not the place where you can have time for yourself: you live in a dorm, study in a group, and always are with someone around. Staying alone is necessary for concentration on your education and just getting away from the surrounding people so that noise-canceling headphones can become a real way out.

They have a unique noise control, allow you to play and pause music, and quickly answer Skype calls. You can sit in a library and work over your research paper or stay in your room and focus on your Math assignment. With the help of this gadget now you can work everywhere not distracted with overall noise;

d) Chromebook

A great laptop is a must in order not to be left behind in college. Compared to PC, it provides multitasking, is portable to work in cozy and convenient places, thus boosting your performance and grades.

A powerful laptop can also be helpful in writing papers, creating presentations, and working on several academic projects at once sharing access with your mates. As colleges have more web-based tasks, something like Chromebook will be a great fit;

e) Smart reusable notebook

Paper notes are no longer useful as they may be lost, and you may not write down all the necessary information. An intelligent gadget like Rocketbook can become very helpful at lectures with a special pen for taking electronic notes.

Later they can be customized and organized to your convenience being stored in Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud. You can search for specific words to quickly find info and send your notes to anyone (including posting it to popular social networks);

f) Laptop bag

If you have just bought a new laptop and living in a dorm makes you worry about its safety, use another great gadget – antitheft pocket with a USB port. This bag can keep your device charged on the go and lock the main compartment with a password to make it secure;

g) Amazon Kindle

In addition to writing papers, there is a massive list of books assigned to read for your Literature class (and not only). In order not to buy piles of books, it is enough to purchase a small convenient, and eye-friendly e-book to read all the books anytime and anywhere.

The device is light and can store millions of books at the same time, while the battery can work up to 2 weeks – book lovers will give it a chance;

h) External hard drive

Sometimes the internal storage of your laptop is not enough, especially if you have video editing and presentation assignments. External hand drive may become useful to store all the information that you don`t use right now – it can also become a life-saver in case something happens with your laptop as it can save a backup copy of your entire laptop;

i) Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Last but not shortest, this fitness tracker can be substantial long-term financing in your health at the same time saving you money on the gym.

If you want to stay fit, you have to control your activity, and this one will be the best and most affordable option to achieve this goal. It can track your heart rate, calculate calories, and analyze sleep patterns.

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