Complete Overview of Microsoft MD-100 Test and How You Can Prepare for It via Exam Dumps

The purpose of preparing for any Microsoft certification exam is to get the skills and experience necessary for eligibility for a credential, and then, for your future tasks.

Thus, the work of modern desktop administrators requires a range of additional abilities that require technical expertise in certain domains. These technical skills can be gained via deliberate preparation. That is why the applicants need to be sure that they have covered all the exam topics.

In this guide, we will help you know more about Microsoft MD-100 Exam Dumps so that you will be able to form a proper way of preparing for this certification test. We’ll take you through its objectives and the ways how you can prepare for it. Let’s dive into it!

1. Microsoft MD-100: Brief overview

Before starting anything, first of all, you should explore the basic information about the exam. So, Microsoft MD-100 is a role-based certification test that covers all you need to know about Windows 10.

You must first pass this exam and then proceed to Microsoft MD-101 to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate credential.

This certificate is designed for those administrators who are accountable for the deployment, configuration, security, management, and monitoring of client applications and devices. These responsibilities are performed in a business-based environment.

Their prominent role is to manage identity, apps, updates, and access. The Certbolt Website Home Microsoft MD-100 exam comprises 40-60 questions. You will have 120 minutes to tackle them.

Please note that they are set in various formats, including multiple-choice, mark review, drag and drop, hot area, review screen, short answer, and best answer. You need to score 700 marks and higher(100/1000) to get a pass. The charges for the test are $165.

2. Microsoft MD-100: Main topics

The most important task for you will be to cover all the exam subjects. You must learn the skills that allow you to become a professional in desktop administration. And you can get this knowledge by learning and mastering the objectives of Microsoft MD-100.

They include the following:

a. Deploying Windows

This domain covers two sections, which include implementing Windows 10 and performing the post-installation configuration. The candidates could have the relevant skills to perform various roles.

They must be able to complete a clean installation, configure language packs, migrate user data, perform an in-place upgrade, select the appropriate Windows edition, and troubleshoot activation issues.

Furthermore, they should have the ability to assist them in configuring Internet Explorer and Edge, configuring mobile settings, sign-in prompts, and customizing Windows Desktop.

b. Maintaining Windows

This topic requires the skills and knowledge of configuring data recovery and system features, managing updates, and monitoring and managing Windows. You’ll be assessed on your ability to perform file recovery, recovery of Windows 10, and troubleshooting startup procedures.

Furthermore, it would help if you showcased your proficiency in troubleshooting and checking updates, verifying, and testing them. The students must also know how to configure Windows update options and select suitable servicing channels.

Lastly, they should have expertise in analyzing and configuring event logs, managing performance, and the Windows 10 environment.

c. Configuring Connectivity

For this objective, the test takers must showcase their proficiency in configuring remote connectivity and networking. In this topic, they need to tackle questions on mobile networking, configuring client IP settings, VPN clients, troubleshooting networking, and Wi‑Fi profiles.

The individuals will also be tested to configure remote desktop access, remote management, and commanding PowerShell remoting.

d. Managing Data and Device

This topic area covers various subtopics. They include operating groups and local users, configuring protection and data access, configuring devices through local policies, and managing Windows security.

One must have the ability to manage various devices in directories, and configure shared permissions, and NTFS. The applicants should also be able to configure local registries, troubleshoot group policies on multiple devices, and implement local policies.

Furthermore, they need to have the ability to configure Windows Defender Firewall and user account control, and also implement encryption.

e. Microsoft MD-100: Preparation options

Even though there are numerous topics to tackle under the Microsoft MD-100 exam, you don’t need to worry. There are several resources available to help you hone your skills and knowledge.

For instance, make sure you check out the official Microsoft site for reliable study materials. The vendor offers useful training courses, study guides, and other tools to prepare with.

An excellent example is an official instructor-led training course. It helps the candidates get the skills required to pass this certification test. The students will learn the ways to support the installation process linked to Windows 10.

They will also get the relevant skills to perform various tasks such as installation and customization of Windows 10. Lastly, it is essential to gain expertise in the new Windows servicing model and techniques for keeping the OS updated. The last part of the course will be on installation roles.

Apart from the Microsoft website, other reliable platforms offer valid study materials. You can get useful free files as well as premium options at a lower price on the Exam-labs site. They contain questions and accurate answers to help you during your preparation process.

You are using these practice tests is beneficial, whether you choose the free or paid variants. It gives you a chance to know the types of questions to expect in the real exam.

Furthermore, answering many mock tests will boost your confidence. Exam-labs also offer study guides and video courses with a lot of lectures.

There is a vital step you need to make after you get all the resources you need. Ensure you create a revision schedule that is suitable for your preparation. By following the study plan that you have made, you will be in a better position to succeed.

It will include the duration available before you sit for the test, a list of the exam objectives, and the time you are about to cover these topics. It should also indicate when you plan to finalize your training.

It would help if you started your studies as early as possible to have enough time to cover all the subjects and make sure you review them comprehensively.


Do you want to become a certified specialist with the necessary knowledge for working with Windows 10? Then you need to pass Microsoft MD-100 with Microsoft MD-101 and earn the associated credential.

Assigning enough time to prepare for these tests shows your commitment and serious intention. Make sure you understand all the content and use reliable study materials.

This will help you pass both exams and have a chance to enjoy the benefits that they will bring.

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