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Kids Recipes and Party Food Ideas

Food is such an important part of our lives. It not only nourishes us, but also brings people together. I think it’s important to introduce kids to all kinds of foods and to cooking very early on, so they become adventurous, independent eaters. We’ve traveled the world as a family, and in the process, my daughter has tried foods from many different cultures and found her favorites. At home, we make a point of trying new foods, and from a young age we’ve been cooking recipes for kids together. The posts on this page include some of my favorite recipes for kids, along with recipes for party food and some party ideas you can turn to when you need inspiration for your next celebration.

Baking With Kids

I can’t write about recipes for kids or party ideas and party food without starting with baking. For a lot of us, baking is an emotional experience. We might cook for an acquaintance, but we bake for the people we love. I think that baking is also a form of self-expression — think about how creative you can be when decorating a cake. Most kids love baking with their parents (or independently, when they’re ready, for obvious reasons). Baking can also be a learning experience, a stress reliever, and a creative outlet for children. Plus, baking is all about comfort food. Your kids will remember baking with you for their entire lives.

Drink Recipes

When you’re thinking about party food, don’t forget tasty drinks and cocktails! My drink recipes include cocktails as well as non-alcoholic party ideas, like my popular sparkling water bar and sparkling sorbet floats. When you’re mulling over what types of drinks to serve at your next get together, think about beverages that will be festive and complement your menu or theme.

Food Tours

Want more edible inspiration? There are food tour companies in many cities that will take you on walking tours designed to introduce you to present-day local specialties and the historic food culture of a destination. When you’re traveling, taking a food tour is a great way to taste your way around a city without spending as much as you might if you simply wandered from eatery to eatery.

I like that food tours often go off the beaten path so you avoid the crowds of the tourist centers and have the opportunity to eat where the locals eat. We’ve been on food tours in New Orleans and Seoul, and eaten our way through the Frankfurt Christmas market. All of our experiences with food tours have been eye-opening and inspiring, and I absolutely recommend you try one — even if it’s just in your own city.

Why Kids Should Learn to Cook

Cooking and baking might not look kid-friendly at first glance, but there are a lot of good reasons why parents should make the time to prepare food with their children. I’ve found that letting kids cook and bake (or at least be my assistant in the kitchen) helps them develop a more mature palate and more adventurous eating habits. You don’t even have to stick to recipes for kids! You’ll be amazed at what kinds of foods children are willing to try when they’ve helped make it.

When you’re cooking and baking with your kids, you’ll also have lots of opportunities to talk about nutrition, healthy habits, and why some foods are better for your body than others. Cooking and baking are essential life skills, and learning those skills can help kids feel more accomplished and more confident. Finally, preparing meals together is another chance to spend quality time with your children.

Enjoy our favorite party food recipes and recipes for kids.