Healthy Living

Healthy Living Tips

Healthy living is a big investment, but the reality is that it’s not really that hard if you’re willing to make it a lifestyle. In San Diego, healthy living is ingrained in the local culture. We eat a lot of fresh food because it’s readily available year round, and we walk a lot because there are so many beautiful outdoor spaces to explore. That said, it’s entirely possible to take a San Diego style approach to healthy living no matter where you are! In these posts, I share my favorite tips for healthy living and eating, healthy living tips for families, tips for staying healthy while traveling, and tips for maintaining wellness and beauty from the inside out. The best part? Very few of my tips involve logging hours at the gym.

Some Simple Tips for Healthy Living and Eating

Healthy living means different things to different people, but the fact is that there are some healthy habits that are good for all of us — and they’re simple, too. You probably know that there are health benefits of cucumber water, but did you know you can get healthy snacks at convenience stores?

In my opinion, the best healthy living tips are the tips you’ll actually follow on an average day. Here are a few of my tried-and-true strategies.

Drink More Water

There are a lot of good reasons to drink more water. First, drinking lots of water means you’re not drinking sugar-loaded beverages like soda or juice. Second, your cells need water to function properly — you’ll feel better because your body is hydrated and doing its job. And third, drinking more water helps you snack less throughout the day, which means you’re eating more mindfully.

Eat More Mindfully

Speaking of eating mindfully — mindful eating simply means being present during meals and throughout the day. It’s all too easy to zone out over breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks in front of the TV, but it’s so much healthier to eat distraction-free meals. When you focus on your food, it tastes better, you’ll enjoy it more, and chances are good you’ll end up eating less of it because you’re paying more attention to your body’s cues.

Appreciate the Little Things

When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses? Even when times are tough or you’re feeling stress, you can probably think of at least one thing to be grateful for. Studies have shown that gratitude can have a positive impact on a person’s physical health, so taking a break each day to think about the good things in your life is a healthy living strategy you should definitely make time for.

Eat Fresh More Often

Commit to eating more vegetables and fruits each day, and eating all different colors of produce (because that way you get a wider variety of vitamins and minerals). While some people turn to fruits and veggies to lose weight, eating more produce should be something we all try to do as part of a varied, healthy diet.

Get More Rest

Sleep is often the first thing we sacrifice when life gets busy, but you should try to prioritize rest no matter what else is going on. When you get enough sleep, you wake up energized, ready to do whatever it is on your list for the day, and better prepared to make good decisions. One of the best healthy living tips for families is to shut off screens an hour before bedtime.

Healthy Lifestyle and Skincare

Skincare experts will tell you that keeping your largest organ healthy starts from the inside out. You can put all of the world’s most expensive lotions and serums on your skin day in and day out and still have issues if you’re not staying hydrated, exercising, and eating well. I do love good quality skincare products and will review my favorites when I feel inspired. I love Silk Therapeutics products, and I’ve also written about my favorite skincare products for long flights so you can feel fresh en route. However, I also believe that beauty and health are connected — the choices you make each day, and the food you put in your body, are just as important as what you put onto your face.

Changing habits can be hard, even in a city as health-conscious as San Diego, but it’s easier when you start small. If you follow my healthy living tips, spend more time outdoors, and look at the bright side of life, you’ll start to see positive changes that will inspire you to make even more healthy choices at home and when you travel.