SEO Trends To Look Out For In 2022

Ranking well in a search for a relevant keyword or phrase is one of the most important things your website needs to do. Although having a site that looks good is obviously crucial, and so is having content that engages your target audience, search engine optimization (SEO) – remains a huge factor in the search engine rankings and online prominence your site can achieve.

However, the field of SEO changes frequently, and there is always something new that you have to think about. Knowing what these things are in advance will help you know what you need to do.

Here are several SEO trends that you ought to know about in 2022.

1. Long-Form Content

Having well-written content is a must for a brand in today’s online world. For instance, it isn’t enough to merely post blog articles regularly; they also need to be researched and written well enough to attract and interest readers and satisfy their needs.

In 2022, there will be greater emphasis on the length and detail of articles and how they convey the information. Blog posts of over 2,000 words show up more often in search results and sometimes rank higher than shorter articles.

2. Content Framework

Organizing your content the right way will help your site do better in search in 2022. Whereas in previous years, websites might have had a page optimized for each keyword they wished to target, this practice is seeing a decline recently.

Websites that are doing well use a framework that helps organize content and keywords to make it easy for Google and searchers to find them.

If you are unsure how to do this, SEO companies such as Mr. SEO, an Essex-based SEO agency, can help you.

3. Accessibility To Everyone

Both Google and Bing have adopted new ways to help make content more accessible. This can include transcribing blog posts, a sound amplifier, and more. These and other features ensure that people with disabilities can still access content and get the information.

The aforementioned major search engines rank websites with accessibility tools higher than those that lack them, so this could be a key trend to look out for in 2022.

4. Enhanced User Experience

Google has been looking at how websites work on mobile devices for some time now. It has been a staple of new builds that must be optimized for mobile search and desktop computers; however, this is a growing area.

In 2022, you should be looking to ensure that your website’s videos, images, and speed are maintained and responsive. The bounce rate of your website is going to be an essential factor, as people won’t stick around if your website takes a while to load.

Speeding up your website can be a relatively simple task while profoundly affecting your search rankings and the number of people who click on your search results.


The above are just some of the SEO trends to look out for during 2022.

One of the keys to ranking highly in search results is having good content that answers a person’s question comprehensively and logically – and when you partner with the right SEO agency, you can help to maximize your site’s chances of the most significant possible impact online.

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